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Yumika in Wonderland

I’m throwing silken rainbows

out the window

of my Pine tree home

fishing squirrels

we’ve baited the lines

with SpongeBob stickers

Yumika’s never seen a squirrel

she’s six and doesn’t believe squirrels

really exist, perhaps we’ll catch

a serpent or a sea dragon

she pops another piece of fairy floss

into her mouth – the second last one


Quick as a thimble comes a tug

on the line and carefully

we haul it up, color by color

wow, not one squirrel

but two baby ones


I snap my camera

Yumika in wonderland

teaching squirrels

how to glue SpongeBob stickers

into an album and feeding them

scraps of fairy floss

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© Johnmichael Simon



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