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Writing in the Modern Style

masters of short sentences. staccato. they shoot from the hip. eyes everywhere, their spies are ants peeping from cracks. reporting your every rhyme scheme. more than two definite articles is a gathering. prohibited. ballads sanctioned only through official channels. three carbon copies, one for the prosecutor. poetry and music must be reproductions of the national anthem.


and this is the paradox, they tell you to be free but everywhere you are in shackles. you ape one another to find favor. ape or sheep, it makes no difference, the manacles of freedom have closed in on you, imprisoned ocean and cornfield in empty faced art galleries. compositions wrapped in newspaper where the same headlines repeat themselves in string and glue. blood and pain everywhere. a man kills his wife and then commits suicide. poets step over them in the street to avoid rhyming.

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© Johnmichael Simon



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