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World on Wires

The big event


on the surface

of a whirling sphere

suspended on wires

was seen by a mouse

lying there

all soft and furry

twitchy whiskered


Waiting as if he knew

(which of course he couldn’t)

the meaning of giddiness

as globe begins to tilt

mass sloughs off from mass

waters storm and thunder

one of the wires twangs

snaps off its tight pinion

and the whole system

of land and form

crashes, crashes

wires torn from orbit

into disorder and destruction


And the mouse

all soft and twitchy

did he perish

or scamper off

into some subterranean

refuge beneath the ruins

to write, as if he knew

(which of course he didn’t)

a furry epitaph to the history

of a world on wires

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© Johnmichael Simon



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