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Words of Fire

O earthbound Zar and bouldergeists

hearken now to smouldering forests

where Trist the westwind furled its gates

in Jade and Amethyst estates

to harness Phyrr the underflamed

whose powers heaven and hell reclaimed

and glazed now from the pinnacled range

came forth an armored Hierwal strange

that snorting fire and consequent jewels

millennium’s distant worlds now rules


But scant now from these frowning skies

the real message Drysten lies

where hearkened into conchlike probis

a mystery from its deep discloses

that rears and phrenzies from the boulders

with flame and flander geists shoulders

and head of swords and lances smitten

the words of fire enflamed are written

to smoulder down millennium’s rivers

and light the way to jeweled evers


Hark O Zar the Phyrr is one
Hark the Hierwal’s words be done

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© Johnmichael Simon



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