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Words from Jerusalem

Here come the words

Stretching winged rainbows

From Jerusalem’s temple mount

To the Rockies icy heads

Pastel wishes for a humbler planet

Where each man wields his own plowshare

Content in the bounty of his lot

And leaves his tithe of golden harvest,

His bucket of clear spring water

For all hungry and thirsty to share

Thankful for the blessing

The giving


May our words touch yours

May our spirits mingle

May our seeds sprout, flourish

Grow tall, flower, grow their own pollen

May the birds take their petal-hues

And spread them, curving to distant places

From red to ultraviolet and back

And remind those with doubt in their hearts

Of the promise made to Noah

When the dove returned with a leaf

And rainbows ringed the world

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© Johnmichael Simon



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