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With a Sharp Scalpel

the blade parts flesh
seeking deeper things
dermis, fat, ligament
scraped from bone
leaving only the essential

is a skeleton
a grinning skull
a gaping pelvic arch
mocking him to
probe further
seek that which
hides behind the chalk


with a raucous rattle
invisible strings
relinquish their hold
and all collapses
into an ashen heap

the sharp blade
honed naked by its quest
gleams, its steely mirror
reflects a misty face
eyes looking in
like windows
to a child by a table
squinting into a microscope
for the first time

adjusting the focal length
notch by careful notch
until suddenly
the aquarium on the slide
reveals itself
cells of every shape and color
sail across the view
aquatic creatures
each rainbowed fishlike body
clothing a fragile skeleton
twisting and turning
to escape the hungry blade

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© Johnmichael Simon



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