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Wisdom Comes Forth

In sleep he invented driverless cars

glatt kosher rabbits, boat trips to Mars

his parents both frowning did not understand

“deficient in attention”, “hyper in his glands”


At the age of eleven he wrote his first thesis

refuting the lies told about God and Jesus

discovered a cure for toenails ingrown

invented a scent that smelled like grass mown


Determined to teach other kids how to think

he concocted a potion that they all could drink

which he sold for a quarter each very small bottle

the schoolmasters vowed they would catch him and throttle


Then schools all closed down as the kids were too busy

some teenagers took over running the city

and a thirteen year old who resembled Bill Gates

became President of the United States


And that marked the birth of a new generation

the first time in history that kids ran the nation

their new constitution said “let’s all have fun

undoing the dumb things our forebears have done”


The moral dear readers is not fiction nor dream

just give kids more respect and you’ll see what I mean

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© Johnmichael Simon



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