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Synchronicity or Design

Two little atoms of stellar gas

atomo and atomette perhaps

met on the way to an atomic event

under the cosmic super-tent


It was slated to be a whirling delight

a particle barn dance to last all night

a positive-negative masquerade

a fling, a disco, a quantum parade


Hello, said atomo ♂ in a manner disarming

to atomette ♀  who blushed quite charming

I’m going to the event, what about you?

-Well as it happens, I’m going there too


Star crossed lovers they were not

still, having arrived at the same time and spot

they continued together, asking little things

that Jung atoms ask about each other’s rings


Soon they found they had archetype relations

aunts and uncles with the same configurations

positrons and neutrinos going back generations

in equivalent Kepler permutations


So they gave each other a molecular shrug

which developed into a molecular hug

and went on their way to the cosmic event

chattering about what everything meant


Noticing the path in front and the way behind

was filling with couples of a similar kind

a daisy chain of synchronicity

stretching right up to galactic city


Which atomo called a coincidental thing

considering the infiniteness of the cosmic ring

but atomette gave him a knowing glance

as these meetings don’t happen quite by chance

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© Johnmichael Simon



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