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So Polite

Hello good morning, we’re polite so polite,

lovely day isn’t it, may we please have a word?

And so are we sir, more polite than polite

how can we help you? Oh please do come in


Some folks down the road say your son,

your daughter, your husband as well…

You must be mistaken, they’re not that at all

and now if you don’t mind, I’m busy right now


Look ma’am just a minute, we have here some things,

some things you should look at, your daughter, your son…

They’re liars I tell you, the scum of the earth

inspecting our garbage and reading our mail


There’s talk in the village, cross words in the street

Now listen here mister take your muddy feet out


They’re coming to get you old woman, be warned

Take your things you low bastard, get out of my house


How dare you insult me you dirty old witch

take this and take that, I’ll show you who’s boss

You’re a cheap lying devil, granddad get my gun

the battle’s begun and our honor’s at stake


Well good day to you ma’am, we’re polite, so polite

And have a good day sir, the weather’s just right

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© Johnmichael Simon



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