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There are things going on in the world

that threaten the end of Poetry


and don’t think that Poetry is going

to accept this without a fight.  No man


Poetry is going to give it to them

straight from the hip


Poetry is going to put out a call

to all peace lovers to raise their voices


Express their indignation, hold readings

in every city, put out a call


To arms – appalled at the world’s

brazen massacre of its beloved peaceful


Stanzas – Poetry declares a National Day

of Protest – next week across the country


In every damn place where outraged activists

hang out, come one, come all, raise


Your Voices in Protest before it’s too late

Next Week in your local town hall, raise


Voices, raise arms.  Pizza, beer, extra copies

of the Anthology, felt pens


Placard cardboard, water bombs and ammunition

for hand arms available at the door

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© Johnmichael Simon



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