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No poem today

it rained last night

an earthy fragrance wafted in

the cats overturned everything again

milk’s past its due date

tastes alright though

haven’t heard from you yet


Last time I wrote

was it a poem or a letter

I thought you answered

but maybe it was the rain

writing messages on the roof

or the cats upsetting the milk

no poem today, you’ve passed your due date

already do you know

please write


I’m getting used to the rain

last night there was a storm

thunder and lightning, the dog whimpered

I let her sleep on the bed

cats are running crazy, chasing each other

but the house feels quite empty

without you.  Did I tell you about

the book I’m reading, maybe tomorrow


I know I’m kidding myself, I heard

your voice in the trees

your footsteps in the rain

of course you say, it’s just the cats

upsetting everything again, the dog whimpering

it’s stopped raining, I’m getting used to things

being different. Mozart’s on the radio

perhaps I’ll go and buy some fresh milk

can’t write poems yet

maybe tomorrow

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© Johnmichael Simon



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