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Letting Go

To quench yesterdays of longing

drink cold, lift waterfalls to lips

let mountain springs sing down throat

stand open armed

and naked in the rain

cleanse all desert sand

and traces of sadness from mind,

from skin, from heart


To quench lost days of passion

drink dust, let resentment sour tongue

allow the past to rattle in mind

snake and slither over dunes

cook tasteless porridge in city water

dwell in memories until thoughts

and heart turn rancid like skin on milk


To quench long days of anger

drink busy sips, count liquid blessings

chew mouthfuls fourteen times

write poetry, attend Tai chi classes

mix with young people

wander through crowded museums listening

walk past a nursery school, join in rhymes

watch old movies, give all pockets away

talk to strangers

lift waterfalls to lips

stand naked in the rain

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© Johnmichael Simon



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