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Land of the Free

We’re all still hunting

for a clue

to explain what happened

on a bright day

in Oakland, in Virginia Tech, in Aurora Colorado


Bodies strewn around

maimed, dying

others running for cover

screaming, falling


While a good looking youngster

from a faultless background

calmly reloads and fires

reloads and fires


And as we’re sitting

around in our think tank

newspaper men with pencils

and microphones, policemen

politicians, officials


mouthing the same old familiar excuses


The door bursts open

and there he is again

three legal firearms

purchased from supermarkets

thousands of rounds

bought on the Internet

loading and firing


Not Rambo

not some brain damaged

relic from Iraq, Afghanistan

not even a junkie, homeless

on halidol


Just a good looking boy

from a nice family

who watches movies

plays computer games

And hums under his breath

while reloading


Something about

the land of the free

and the home of the brave

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© Johnmichael Simon



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