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Journey into Yesterday

Punctually as always

the polished doors of the past

swing open once again

and the halls of tradition, her life

invite her inside


Sprightly, looking forward to her day

she descends the stairs

(have they added a few more this year?)

still she’s quite determined

and holding tightly on to her handbag

containing a book of verse

a season ticket

and a handful of cellophane wrapped bonbons

she steps into the memories


Now once again she starts

her backward journey

moving slowly from one scene to the next

mostly landscapes but here and there

portraits serious and self important

they don’t seem quite so impressive any more


Now here she is again

turning for the thousandth time

the well thumbed pages of her life

feeling again the oft touched scars of pain

yellowing back to Vincent

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© Johnmichael Simon



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