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Homecoming After the Fleadh

From Tullamore to Metulla

this thin line of music stretches

I travel it, a string between two cans,

hold it to my ear

at your end, street music of Fleadh

bars, guitars;  here all that emerges

two bulbuls flute and oboe, yellow breasted

on a yucca, the green music

of apples growing


Street colleen, tin whistle to your lips

turquoise vest, Roscommon tartan skirt, black tights,

twenty minstrels outside Bridge House Hotel

eight to seventeen, serenade your youth,

green river music, your sap pours out

the apples know it, their music

tells them grow, grow


If I had a wish, I could die here

and be reborn to music

a million children playing reels and jigs

outside Bridge House Hotel in Tullamore

a million apples growing in Metulla

two bulbuls singing on a wire

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© Johnmichael Simon



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