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Headlines at Breakfast

                                    after the Beatles


The weather so the Times says will be cool

with scattered showers in the afternoon

at five the radio will announce

which numbers won the football pool



Fried eggs and Worcestershire sauce

to start off a usual day

fried eggs and Worcestershire sauce

and a large cup of tea of course


The Syrian army pounded towns today

and lines of refugees began their march

oil’s past the hundred mark again

the priest’s a homosexual so they say



Fried eggs etc…


Black holes are getting larger scientists claim

the latest smartphones talk three languages

we’re very sorry to announce

tomorrow’s been postponed again



Fried eggs etc…


It’s been raining steadily since eight

my brand new raincoat’s got a tear

I think I’ll wait a little while

on days like this the bus is usually late


I’ll have another slice of toast

with just a teaspoonful of marmalade

in Baghdad only two bombs went off yesterday

and now my newspaper is closed


I couldn’t really care for all that barf

I’ll turn the hit parade up loud

or maybe go to bed for half an hour

and in the afternoon I’ll take a bath



Fried eggs etc…

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© Johnmichael Simon



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