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Happy New Year

I would like to take you for a drive

in the car I don’t own any more

you will delay leaving and go back to the house

to find your glasses, your phone, your tea

then you will finally get into the car and

place your hand on my shoulder “for a good trip”


We will pass some rolling hills with trees and shady parts

and you will say for the hundredth tim
“look how beautiful”


Then you will find a nailfile and start

shaping your fingernails and Beethoven will start

playing his Emperor Concerto on the radio


After a certain intersection you will take out

your phone and call your friend who lives

in the vicinity – always the same intersection,

always the same friend


At some stage in the journey you will yawn,

excuse yourself and fall asleep. I don’t mind,

it makes me feel protective just having you next to me

snoring softly, depending on me to get you there


After fourteen years of more or less continual repetitions

of this scenario, you will slap my face and yell “get

out of here and don’t come back” and I will wake up

and wonder how I keep dreaming the same old dream


Happy New Year

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© Johnmichael Simon



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