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Green Options

We’re contemplating buying an electric vehicle soon

one that could complete a trip to Rangoon

or some other distant destination

on a single charge or two or three if we want to arrive soon

of its plug-in non-polluting motor


On second thoughts it might be better

to get a Toyota with rear-mounted electric

that without a sound pushes the infernal combustion

in front or maybe the other way round


Thus getting more miles on a tank full

for which we will be most financially thankful

on our trip to Rangoon

or other distant destination


But hesitate thinking it might be better
to wait for someone clever to invent

the engine that runs on water and thus prevent

the acceleration of global warming that

has been causing much consternation some mornings


Like news of tsunamis and typhoons over there

in places not far from Rangoon

or you know where


Of course we could purchase a horse or

braving the heat consider using God forbid

our feet


Yes! Let’s have a green-conscious demonstration

a march to Marble Arch

or some other distant destination

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© Johnmichael Simon



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