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Grandmother's Breakfast Table

Cream cheese French style but made in Israel

hints of garlic, dill and Galilee and

how Eran and Rotem, now in Melbourne

would choose La Vache Qui Rie instead


Loaf of black bread baked this morning

with sour cream from brown cows milked

while listening to Galgalatz*.  Grandpa recalled

how Moish had promised to be back

within two years – but that was

before he met Sheree and bought that

house in Burlington VT


Each year the postcards and the emails

come on time with birthday wishes and

a jar of Vegemite she loves to spread

on toast.  The avocados are so huge and

soft right now, she wrote, do you remember

how you loved the strawberry jam I made?


Four kids and twelve grandchildren, she’s

lost count, helping herself to honey gathered

in a neighbor’s farm – their photos smiling

decorate the walls and on the fridge held

tight by magnets blooms some childish art


They’ll never come, she murmurs, clearing

up now, or if they do I fear I know exactly

when.  Shh says grandpa coming through the

garden door – come, I’ll help you dry the

knives and forks, put the plates away


*Galgalatz – Israel Army radio station

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