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Going to the Big City

Finger jutting nonchalantly upwards
he stands at a country bus stop
sucking a stem of grass
watching the cars go by
checking them off
casual glance identifying
make, model, number plate combinations
at seventeen, time’s on his side


Sweeping her hair out of her eyes
she stands at a country bus stop
watching the cars go by
conscious of how her young body
stands out against the trees
casual glance brushing the driver’s eyes
feeling what they think of her
at seventeen, time’s on her side


Squeezed one against the other
in the back row of the bus
they avoid looking at one another
not even a casual glance
each locked between his own eyes
two children of the open air
heading for the dream
the big city thrill
to stand in elevators
looking at the mirror
ride a subway
reading a newspaper or a book
drink a big city beer
smoke a big city joint
at seventeen, time’s on their side

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© Johnmichael Simon



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