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Go Forth and Multiply

On our window ledge

a pair of doves have built a nest

of twigs and now

take turns to sit on creamy eggs

waiting for a biblical commandment

to repeat its timeless cycle


unconcerned of cats that lurk below

wailing their lusty arias


as we in our curtained bedrooms

go through the motions

we mistakenly call love



ten million sperms for every egg

ten thousand fishlets for a whale’s mouth

a hundred million planets whirling

pulsar, nova, star dust, red shift


One of the dove’s eggs hasn’t hatched

a fledgling falls helpless from a bough

two of our children, fully grown

have emigrated, they send emails

photos of grandchildren

one is saving orangutans in Borneo


And now it’s spring again

the yard is a riot of wild flowers

and from the window ledge

a choir of cooing comes


Perhaps there’s life on other planets

waiting for a distant sun to incubate its eggs

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© Johnmichael Simon



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