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Glass Phoenix

Today at last
she knows that she will die
molten glimmer deep in her gut
fading, calcifying
in porous clusters of bone
rockfalls, dinosaur skulls
captured in glass
fused forever


Heartbeat slowed
to a moan, whipped
by the wind into grayness
too tired to dodge meteorites
hunks of impudent missiles
slap her rusty hide

Watching her slope in orbit
the last crows flap over
empty desert shells
searching for moisture
in her wrinkled wastes
parched relics of seas and waves


Glass planet
transparent and dying
veins of dusty river beds
ridge her ancient skin
blind eyeballs, extinct volcanoes
gaze through dust of past millenniums,
socketed in hollow core
of nameless girders
gaunt and buckled


Now she wobbles grimly
in her final orbit
shuddering land masses begin to break
come apart, jigsaw in the gashes
glass bird, dying planet
shrieks a final cry
and plunges into the crucible
glass blowing furnace of the sun


Glass into glass
a transparent sub-atomic dance
fireflies of glass
explode and collapse,
and collapse
ten billion years of glass history
light the universe in one
exhilarating moment
life from death emerges from the flames

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© Johnmichael Simon



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