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Giants leaving the bootprints of their thoughts
walk over my mind
prize winners in the gentle art of persuasion
they rip up forests of doubts
pave roads through the jungle of confusion
billboard the way subliminaly


But I’m not afraid of them
these are benevolent Giants
they anticipate my every whim
tell me what’s good for me to eat
instruct me how to avoid cultural litter
and environmental unfriendly thoughts
flatten out my fears


Converted and convinced
I’ve joined them
become a member of the Giant protection society
write articles about democratic values
economic theory
ten day diets
happiness and the quantum theory


I’ve given up my old freewheeling days
joined the Giant fan club
it’s so much more pleasant
to amble along carved out pedestrian paths
than to climb forbidding hills

And you know what?
I only had one bad chopping down
beanstalk dream this month


That’s pretty good
for an ex-sceptic

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© Johnmichael Simon



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