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Ghost People

Interleaved between the lines of our lives

walk the ghost people

they drift white laced on the breeze

like dandelion spores

beckoning us

and gliding away


Searched for they remain unseen

their voices the faintest wind chimes

in the trees

playing hide and seek with the leaves

but if the owl and the bat are your friends

and you watch the fireflies dance

they will come down to you


Who sees them?

star crossed lovers parted by fate

grown flower children who’ve lost their way

guardians of posthumous sonatas

old soldiers

writers of half finished novels

rain men

little children


Who are they?

visitors from another star

souls of departed sinners

too close to earth to move on


No one knows

but if the night wind is your friend

the ghost people will bring you their gifts

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© Johnmichael Simon



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