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Galactic Orchestra

My notes are part of your orbit’s song

decibels of swing and undulation

deleted, rewritten, crossed out again

and again back and forth across the sky

faint harness between wagon and wheel

written for no eyes

no eyes a part of them

they inch their way

to distant audiences


Looped by invisible threads

we circumscribe each other’s trajectories

decaying slowly into each other

millenniums of variations

light and chime

crystal and dog star

themes once forgotten

now taken up

vibrations carefully adjusted

strings tightenening

wires of light

lips moistening silver bells

thin reeds blowing

sharp and flat columns

into airless spaces


All whirls

as cloud haze discovers

a myriad roads of light connecting,

singing out across sky arms

clear, shimmering,

sounding in auditoriums of mind,

the quiet, white music of the milky way

a celestial harp strung

from horiazon to horizon’s end

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© Johnmichael Simon



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