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Future Dig

When they excavate

this colossus

that once gazed on the planet

from Wall street, Basin street

land of stars and stripes

they may find

some inexplicables

for archeologists

to argue over


Such as boneless

and toothless

bulls and bears

the plains must have

swarmed with them

did they consume

the bones

or crush them


into fertilizer?


Such as caves

with broken pottery

graves of ceramic shards

troughs with strange bends

and mouths

perhaps communal

drinking places

shards mostly white

some pinkish fragments

but no blue basins


And this strange symbol,

stripes and stars

in red blue cloth

found in so many


a popular depiction

of the universe?

a religious icon?

a ritual gown

worn by priests?


Most puzzling

these inscriptions

translated roughly

to mean

land of the free

while all around

rusting evidence

of enslavement abounds

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© Johnmichael Simon



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