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Funny Forest Animals

Perched on a twig
sat a tubby old pig
singing hey twiddle twaddle
and oink fam fum
when a clockwork alligator
who was munching a potato
passed by humming wiggle waggle
and tim tam tum


Then an owl who was snoring
and a lion who was roaring
syncopated gruffly wuffly
in the beehive branches
and this shook a caterpillar
and a purple armadillo

who was trembling rather roughly
while wobbling on his haunches


Under the ground
in a chocolate colored mound
crouched a little old mole
who was having his lunch
he complained like a parrot
while chomping at his carrot
I can’t even hear myself nibble or crunch
as my false teeth are shaking
with all the noise they’re making
I can’t find another carrot to munch


Then a cloud passing by
who was jogging through the sky
heard all this frightful delightful din
and he couldn’t stop giggling
when his throat started tickling
cos’ he didn’t know whether to frown or grin

Soon his tummy shook with laughter
as they all sounded dafter
than an orchestra of hogs
or a barrel load of frogs
but all the noise ear rending
came to a sudden ending
when it started raining cats and dogs

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© Johnmichael Simon



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