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Fun at the Movies

Two silly billy little hedgehogs
went to a movie in the mall
dressed in their best pink and blue togs
they bought a popcorn that was so tall
they couldn’t see the screen at all
so they stood up on their back feet
on top of the folded up seat

Some rabbits sitting in the row behind

complained loudly, ‘please sit down
none of us can see the show
you’re not made of glass you know’

so they put the popcorn on the floor, but you can guess
it fell right over and made a mess


In the row behind the rabbits sat a duck
who at all this noise began to cluck
’why do you rabbits have to shout?
I can’t hear at all what the movie’s about’.


Behind the duck were sitting three parrots
eating lettuce and chomping on carrots
who got fed up at all this talking

and pretty soon they started squawking


Then the trouble really let loose
as behind the parrots was sitting a goose
who poked the parrots with her walking stick
making them start to wriggle and kick


The duck got a parrot foot on her back
so she stood up and started to smack
but she smacked the rabbits by mistake
making them start to tremble and shake


So the rabbits stood up and left the hall
and the hedgehogs threw popcorn at them all
and three little froggies started to bawl
and nobody saw the movie at all

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© Johnmichael Simon



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