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For Old Times Sake

There were maybe two hundred people there

     There were fifty


Looking around all the faces my eyes caught yours

     I felt you looking at me


As the music played I watched your expressions

     I was thinking of the unwashed dishes


When I looked again you turned to look at me

     I went out for a cigarette


After the concert I couldn’t stop thinking about you

     I’m not sure I would have recognized your face again


We met again at the Bach festival

     It was a jazz concert


You were wearing a pink dress and a green blouse

     The blouse was blue it matched my denims


I asked you out for dinner, I knew you would accept

     I had nothing to do that evening


We had a long and passionate courtship

     The next time I met you was on a rainy day, you          gave me your umbrella


You said you’d always wanted to be a June bride and I agreed

     We were married in September


Anyway I just phoned to wish you a happy birthday

     I’m coming Nicholas darling it’s my ex, he gets it          wrong every year

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© Johnmichael Simon



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