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Folded Together

Part of me is yours

and part of you is mine.


It’s not only because of the children

although that of course has something

to do with it.


It’s not only the way we made love

opening each other to universes we didn’t

know existed; touching across distances

that separate and still divide; divide and rejoin;

divide and separate – and join and separate.


It’s not only because of the music, the poetry,

the midnight feasts, the trips, the troubles

the squabbles, fights, misunderstandings.


No, it’s more like a pack of tissues

pink and white folded together, but when

opened, they come out one by one

holding on to each other then letting go.


Letting go, like a zip that suddenly comes apart

after years of closeness. Hard to explain. That’s

just the way zips sometimes are.

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© Johnmichael Simon



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