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Flying Paste-Book Girl

Slim as a stick lady

flat as a paper doll

in cut-out, glue-on clothes


She winds the string

round ankle, straightens

cord to bubble-red disk


Waiting patient on the ground

a flip, a skip, a hop, they’re off

tied to each other


With this swinging singing line

round and round they go, merging

lifting, zinging in the air


Scattering dry leaves to heaps

round and round they whirl

a singing dancing flying creature


Made of cord and sticks

and paste book colored clothes

that flicker red then flicker blue


A spellbound sash-tied couple

rising like a helicopter toy

at one end a singing Catherine wheel


And on the other

counting like a skipping rope

as tens and hundreds mount


My whirling red-cheeked

record breaking six year old

skirt flying paste-book girl

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© Johnmichael Simon



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