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Floating Away

It was a tablecloth view
looking down on everything from up there
like dreams of flying, you stand on tiptoe
and suddenly you find the right combination
sail away on a surge of remembered joy
over walls, rooftops, telephone wires
crowds standing in a stadium gazing upwards
you, swooping at them
through the treetops of their
humdrum chewing gum lives
laughing at them


But this time it was different
a bed, elongated, toes (yours?) becoming
smaller and fading away, cobweb fingers
holding you down; a gentle tug and
you’re free of them, sailing, looking down
on the white spiders, busily unstitching and snipping,

then, snap, and you’re away somewhere else,
the other side of nowhere, where strawberry birds
eat marzipan houses and the buttons on
your pajamas are made of colored chocolate sweets
it was so sad you couldn’t remember any of it
as the spiders closed your buttons
pulled up your zip, tucked you away
turned off the light

…you couldn’t remember a thing.

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© Johnmichael Simon



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