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Five am everywhere

Today cranes gaggled in clusters, wheeling then re-forming into arrows heading northwards. A girl with dark hair wearing a clutch of explosives making her feel heavy or pregnant would have seen them as in a vision, wishing it would be quick, painless. Five children under blankets did not awaken as the intruder slipped between them and in a million homes not far from Tokyo, Earth Hour passed unrecognized. At a gas station near Paris a pump attendant with Michelin across his overalls handed over the cash to a man with a stocking over his head while in downtown Chicago those queuing outside a smartphone store shuffled feet in the five am. cold. Viewed from outside the yellow cherries in their shrink-wrapped pack seemed perfect, unblemished like the pale oversized moon rising over the rooftops of Nagasaki. Survivors listening to news broadcasts heard that no effort was being spared to return the

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