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First Time

There’s a first time

that you take out

of your bag when you’re alone

and in that sort of mood


First ice on the lake

first doe, surprised as you

at each other, trying to say something

black nosed, button eyed


They disappear to surface

in other places, other times, that song

‘from rags to riches’, a chewing gum

kiss, quick, unbelievable


Down in Chestnut road,

it isn’t there anymore

a grocer from Poland

who sold halva made from almonds


Eating it bite by wonderful bite

at the swimming gala

shouting your school war cry

through sticky sweet teeth


Your first cigarette

behind the garage wall

your first paycheck


The first time you saw

the Yellow Submarine

and 2001 when the future seemed

to stretch so far away

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© Johnmichael Simon



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