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Fire at Dawn

Fire in the sky
gestured Throg
lips and beard
grunting and barking
into the tent
Time to go
hurry now


Fire in my blood
shaking the children
pushing the animals
memories of the last time
fire in my head


Fire now
Fire I scream

crying and braying
quickly now, I grunt
I push them out
yawning and crying
fire in my heart


Red in the clouds

red  dirty yellow orange
licking in the trees
clouds of gray black and dirty red
fire in my nose
fire clouds choking into my chest
fire licking at the children
we run
feet splashing on the stones
plunging across the river


Fire in my hair
fire in my eyes
and over the river
fire again
fire in the trees
as I scream
The children, the children

through the hot pain
of the trees
screaming, hopping

rubbing fire from feet
running running

fire in chest
to the plain


Across the plain
fire night, fire day
black stench of day
another fire night
and another
now far away
fire slowly dies

We drink
from new river
we sleep
one day, two days
we eat
strange new fruit
we laugh into each others eyes
Throg and I
fire gone
we kiss the children
and sleep again


But in my head
I know
fire will come again

one day

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© Johnmichael Simon



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