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There are ones that snap together

with a click, god for diapers

and duvet covers


There are buttons that slip into holes

hooks for hanging

ancestors on walls


There are nails, clips, dabs of glue

and Velcro sticky fingers that

hold pajama pants up or bibs on babies


Zips of course that glide up and down

with deftness until they give up

the ghost and let the rain in


There are seat belts that captains request

fastened in turbulent air


And fasteners that keep unlikely

partners together through thick and thin

for lifetimes despite everything

for various reasons


Shared interest in butterflies or cooking

lips bitten for the sake of the children

the holy bible

and a lifelong sense of humor

that  brushes aside differences with

a good belly laugh at breakfast

or in bed

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© Johnmichael Simon



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