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When you are famous

you can write about anything

and people will read what you have written

nod and smile

even if they don’t understand

or if there is nothing to understand


You can ask questions like

what hangs on a wall, is red and whistles?

or why is the Messiah delaying his visit?

and they will laugh and say

good old Yehudah, that’s Nachman or Natan


They will even translate you

into Russian or Chinese

and discuss which version is closer

to what you really meant


Even if you yourself have not

yet deciphered what you meant


When you are famous

you can even be silent

and people will discuss the nature

of your silence; you can stand on your head

like Ben Gurion and they will study the imprint

your baldness made on the ground

interpret your headprint


Only your children will not appreciate you

for them you are a naked king

who has abdicated and left them

a pile of clothes that no longer fit

the father that you used to be

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© Johnmichael Simon



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