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Falling in Love Again

Woke up this morning

couldn’t find myself anywhere

seemed to have turned overnight

into a strange entanglement

wispy hair growing all over my face

four legs all wound up together

like rubber bands

ten sleepy-eyed fingernails

scratching my chest

and another ten scratching my back


And as for my mind

it was like a Berlitz classroom

unrecognized thoughts discussing

with each other in foreign languages

ouch, I didn’t think that, did I?


The worst thing was

going to the bathroom

choosing the right toothbrush

doing it standing up or sitting down


Still I had to admit as

four lips grinned

two tongues sucked each other reflectively

and decided to go back to bed

for just another ten minutes

that it was rather nice being in love again

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© Johnmichael Simon



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