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Event in a Spiral Galaxy

Who are you?

That when you arrive

eyes headlight, chairs scrape,

heads turn, hush flattens conversation

you pull folio from tunic, speak

words that spell change

            from this day onwards—

            yesterday a closed door—

all passes.


Who are you?

Spawn of dynasties in silence

yet when you speak

continents shift, rearrange,

words inscribed on rock

buried for millennia, emerge

as shining as the day

they were inscribed.

still all passes


Are you a flash that rips open

the mask of history, a sword raised

as hordes crash across borders

filling worlds with blood?


Are you a secret whispered down

from father to son, a mystery which

only on the day when sunlight penetrates

a hidden chamber, becomes clear?


Are you forbidden fruit, a motherless legend,

a virus raised in a laboratory of shattered glass,

are you a notice pinned to a tree on an airless

planet revolving around a distant sun?


Are you a baby crying under rubble, intact

unscarred, are you all of these?

            all passing


Who are you?

Never before observed

yet instantly recognized

king for a shard of time

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© Johnmichael Simon



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