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At some point

In our life

We align


Like iron filings

Or needles under glass

We align


For some it’s a moment

A second of aha

When standing on a hill


Or looking at the night

Or listening to the wind

Bring voices across the world


Others like candles of the night*

Turn to it each morning, and all day

Once a week when twin flames invoke the holy


Some name the light

As it passes through us,

Translate its flight to words


Words that reveal, words that conceal

Enlightened partly, they glow

Like beacons on a map of glass


Reflecting or deflecting

The light as it travels from soul

To soul, kindling us aware


That we are creatures born in light

Our filaments not always bright

Yet always there inside



Candle of the Night – A species of flower (Oxalis) that closes its petals at night

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© Johnmichael Simon



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