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English for Foreign

I before he except after she

good evening class
good evening mister Jakob
you may sit down please


Today we will discuss rock
R-O-C-K who knows this word yes please
rock by the sea, waves go over
thank you mister Ostrovsky
chair that moves that’s a rocker
candy very good who said that
Blackpool rock writing goes through
where on earth did you pick that up
mister Formby, George was your great uncle
fancy that

Rock a bye baby, wonderful miss Lazarus
no mister Jacob, bye B-Y-E
in England we do not sell children
film star with muscles, that’s Rocky mister Varta
rock of ages, where did you hear that

at church, thank you miss Mitteldorf


Yes mister Komoto, man in glass house
must not throw rock, that’s stones
yes please, have we reached rock bottom
ha ha in England we like to play with words
please sit down mister Jakob
oh you want to leave the room
very well then
please open your books at page twenty two

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