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Email to an absent parent

I have often thought about you

up there, inside me, everywhere?


wherever you are, whoever you are.


Do you really need all those prayers

those genuflections, exhortations

those daily reminders of what a wonderful

and powerful parent you are?


Or doesn’t it matter to you at all?


Are all the words we write, sing, intone

actually designed to say how small

we feel, how needy, waiting for a parent’s

approval or love.


Yet divided we are. Those of us who know

all the answers and those who can’t help

asking questions.


Sometimes I think it’s all an endless maze

in which we scurry along countless paths

and cul de sacs, the only constant truth

being that we never fully understand

how we got in and how we get out.


And all we need is occasionally a helping

hand to push us along and keep us moving.


Thanks in advance for understanding.

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© Johnmichael Simon



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