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Duet in Blue and Green

Entwined with you,
four damp seaweed arms
dry out in the oil of the sun

we stretch and contract,
green nodules
totally open and naked to the sky

gulls perch on rocks, unconcerned
nod beaks and cast brown
button eyes over surge and ebb
hungry fishers, they forage
in and out of our lazy glances

only the waves applaud
our subsiding act of love
a crab skirts us sideways
heading for the water
to slide and sink in the sand

your hair salt on my chest
licks my brine, a slow encore,
my fingers still smell of
your secret places, inlets in the shoreline
curving away sandy and endless
past jutting off-beat rocks protecting
hidden pools from the horizon

timeless waits on this beach
where tomorrow
and tomorrows begin,
the first, last and only couple
entwined, pristine in this
azure and turquoise moment

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© Johnmichael Simon



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