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Dream Tunes

Dream tunes

awaken in the night singing away

flimsy flutter on a hispy hisp

gypsy mutter on a wispy wisp

singing hey ho the merry o oh

grasp them clasp them

what are they, just ask them

pomegranate poems or nowt?


Dream partners

dance through our lives barely glimpsed

gossamer legs in flimsy red dresses

upturned knights and fragile princesses

kings and knaves spread out in a row

unwrap them hold them

who are they, unfold them

paper people or nowt?


Dream worlds

flicker next to ours sliding away

misty movies on sepia screens

yellows are brown and blues are green

fade out fade in

frame by frame paper thin

flashing flickety flick hide and show

watch them feel them

which are they, the real them

signs in the sky or nowt?



Dream alas, dream alay

I’m just dreaming my life away

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© Johnmichael Simon



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