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Down to Earth

We thought it was snow

but it wasn’t winter,

this comic intermezzo

floating soft in the morning rays

dispersing in the breeze

to snag in giggling laughter

on bush, bramble and loam


A thrush came to investigate

and flew away, white treasure in beak

while the dog did twisters in the air

barking to catch them, tantalized


From the open bedroom window

came thumps and squeals

of children having a pillow fight


We sat on the kitchen steps

and drank our coffee,

summer vacation was nearly over

routine was round the corner

soon we would pack this farmyard scene

away until next year


Across the yard

the geese strutted disdainfully

they didn’t know, couldn’t care

what all the fuss was about


Pecking and honking with yellow beaks

and stiff necked ignorance

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© Johnmichael Simon



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