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Dog People and Cat People

Dog people whistle, bark commands

their hair is brushed neatly into place

with Brylcreem or shaggy, untrimmed

with traces of last week’s breakfast.

Dog people like horn concertos and

hunting calls, discarded chicken bones.

They travel overseas dressed in blazers

with fraternity badges, order chateaubriand

medium rare, smoke Havana cigars,

smell each other, fall asleep in deckchairs,

love trees, crackling fires, stories of loyalty.


Cat people paint fingernails or file them

they floss their teeth, dab Chanel No. 5

behind their ears, order green salads

and mineral water, nibble and sip

one eye watching their neighbors to make

sure they don’t steal from their plates.

They love antique furniture which they

sit on while licking their fingers or discussing

the latest hairstyles and sitcom episodes.

They clean up after themselves, wiping bathroom

porcelain with pink colored tissues.


Dog people and cat people argue about

everything. They don’t really dislike

one another, it’s just the way they are.

Like Mars and Venus they each have their

own place in the solar system or on

an armchair near the fire.

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© Johnmichael Simon



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