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The threads they wove together one-by-one

now needed to be disentangled

dreams they dared to believe were real

tapestries of bright futures

music and midnight feasts

required now to be shelved

as light of cold new mornings

began misting up the windows


The office was still full of bric-a-brac

letters they exchanged

old photo albums

suitcases they had used for holidays

some chairs with broken legs and backs

vinyl records out-of-date and heavy 78s

a bundle of old Mad magazines…


Thinking about how on earth to sort it out

he went downstairs to find his pillow, pajamas

and items from his bedside table

now moved to the guest bedroom


He scratched his head, had always been

a dreamer. Women, he realized are more

adept at getting to the nitty gritty


Tomorrow he would start

Looking for a new apartment

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© Johnmichael Simon



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