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Over looming mountains

thunder-ball clouds come rolling

globes of fire with flaming tails

some roaring over horizon

others dipping, screaming into us


Our own yellow monsters

long necks with chromium

extensor shafts, catch them in

their iron jaws, jagged teeth

opening and closing, smoke

mixed noxious vapors swallowing


Yesterday they were employed

carving fortress bunkers into

rock wall, gouging soil, boulders

vomiting debris into open backs

of carrier beasts who trundle it

away to build tree high thick

walls of  our new stronghold


Today, enraged, tracks clutching for

footholds between pits and shattered

rock masses they clutch blindly

towards the invading sky, mouths

swallowing ineffective at blazing missiles

before toppling sideways, remains

of their fuel draining out of bellies


Deep underground, fossils of their

hundred million look-alikes shift positions

slightly between tectonic plates


The planet spins on, similarity

buried in the eyes of beholders

covered in layers of silt

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© Johnmichael Simon



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