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Diary Entry December 21st

Today the Mayan calendar

written millenniums ago tells us

world’s end has arrived


Faithful student of ancient wisdom

I rise early there is much to do

those beets that I cooked last night

must be grated flavored with vinegar

and sugar topped with sour cream


There’s nothing like a glass of borscht

for facing annihilation


That novel I’ve been intending to complete

still halted at page five

perhaps I should invent some clever ending

turn it into a short story


The dog needs to be walked

his bladder’s bursting

and that red pen fallen from my desk

under a chest of drawers six months ago

I really should retrieve it

red ink is unequaled

at dealing with predictions


My task list tells me

that my subscription to the Daily News

is expiring and needs to be renewed


God bless the Mayans

there’s nothing like world’s end

to contend with procrastination


Let’s have it every year

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© Johnmichael Simon



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