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Deus Ex Machina

Someone sent an email to my laptop

while in sleep mode, the program answered

my master won’t be back until next week

please leave a message – the email left unread


Simply said dear sir my late lamented husband

left a million dollars I wish to share with you

and then another email followed to my sleeping slave

it read your number has just won the great Russian

lottery a sum of seven billion rubles will be paid

to your account after you fill in this form


With details of your bank your wife and children

your user name and password but my dumb computer

merely sent another message about next week

which wasn’t really true as actually I’d spent the day


Composing my reply to a nineteen year old beauty

from Afghanistan who’d fallen in love

with my network address and now wished to arrange

a meeting where we could confess to each other

some intimacies


Well you can guess I sent the laptop straight

to Hades got myself a nine inch tablet

programmed to immediately accept my winnings and

satisfy the passions of those love lorn ladies

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© Johnmichael Simon



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